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  • Household Items: Refurbish, Clean, Repair

    When it comes to cleaning household items, size matters. Items like comforters, bedspreads, and draperies require large equipment for proper care. The professionals at Clothesline Cleaners us … READ MORE

    Household Items: Refurbish, Clean, Repair
  • Flatwork

    Our new flatiron can, within 30 seconds, press any sheet, tablelcloth or other large fabric to perfection. Local hotels, restaurants, party rental companies and private citizens are taking advantage … READ MORE

  • Personal Dry Cleaning

    Dry cleaning is at the core of Clothesline’s services. We are experts in cleaning and repairing all types of fabrics and leathers. Since 2006, Clothesline has earned the Seal of Approval for … READ MORE

    Personal Dry Cleaning
  • Commercial Dry Cleaning Services

    Clothesline Cleaners has a full range of commercial services available to local businesses, including: Uniform cleaning and repair for public safety, medical, service and other … READ MORE

    Commercial Dry Cleaning Services
  • Clothing Alterations and Repairs

    With today's economic challenges, a good alternative to buying new clothing is to alter the old. Last season's garments can be repaired and altered to look like the latest fashion trend for a fraction … READ MORE

    Clothing Alterations and Repairs
  • Leathers and Seude

    Today's leather, suede, and fur garments can be characterized as buttersoft, delicate, and costly. Protect your leather investment with our industry-proven procedures. We cater to the special needs of … READ MORE

    Leathers and Seude
  • Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

    Your precious bridal gown deserves the finest care. The specialists at Clothesline Cleaners are experts in the preparation and preservation of wedding dresses. We can help the bride and her bridal … READ MORE

    Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

For over 30-years Clothesline Cleaners has been serving the Boise community’s dry-cleaning, laundry, and clothing maintenance needs with state of the art equipment, cutting edge technology, and top notch service. To stay on top of current and upcoming fashions and fabrics, our staff of professionals continue with ongoing education provided by the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute.


Welcome to Clothesline Cleaners - your local dry cleaner for every need!

What do you need cleaned? Chances are, we can do it. Boise professionals rely on us to keep them looking their best, but we do much more than that.
Among our services are cleaning, repair and alteration of:
Wedding gowns, tuxedos and related items.
Household items like drapes, upholstery/cushion covers, tablecloths and holiday fabric items.
• Party/holiday costumes, theatrical costumes, period reproduction clothing and fragile/historic garments.
Leather, suede, and furs, including cow, pig, sheep and deer, as coats, shoes, handbags, purses, evening wear or motorcycle leathers.
• Hunting, camping and sporting gear, including sleeping bags, banners, packs, tents, flags and rain wear.
• School band and choir uniforms.
• Bedding of all kinds, including bedspreads, comforters, blankets, sheets, pillows and pillowcases.
Professional, business, casual, and evening wear, including dresses with sequins and embroidery.

Commercial Dry Cleaning

Our commercial dry cleaning services includes our 10-foot-wide flatiron, which allows hotels, restaurants, bed-and-breakfasts and other hospitality businesses to offer pressed sheets, pillowcases and tablecloths - a luxury typically found in four-star hotels. We also clean and repair business uniforms and specialty outfits for health care providers. We safely clean medical garments.

Wedding Gowns

For weddings, our Gown Guard protects the gown during use, while our preservation and archiving process ensures a wedding gown may stay safely stored for decades. We offer a private fitting and presentation area for brides and guests.

Dry Cleaning Delivery

Our delivery service can pick up from your home or work, or you can bring clothing in on short notice.

Customer Care and Service

Did you spill something on your favorite outfit, cushion or bedspread? Our fabric care experts have received specialized training from the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Care Institute and are certified in spot removal caused by food, chemicals, oil, body fluids, plants and more.
Clothesline Cleaners is a family owned and operated dry cleaning business. We have served the Boise area community for more than 30 years - first from our Boise store, and more recently, from our Meridian location as well.
We conduct secret shopper audits to make sure our staff is friendly, helpful, proficient and professional.
Since 2006, Clothesline has earned the Seal of Approval for Quality Garment Cleaning and Customer Service from the Clothing Care Council. To date, approximately 140 companies around the world have attained this award, which requires passing separate stain removal and cleaning performance tests, among other criteria. Clothesline Cleaners is the ONLY drycleaner in Idaho to have ever earned the award. When you trust your clothing to Clothesline, you are receiving the best care and service possible.

Amy Gordon

I was recently making a home visit to an elderly client when a representative from Clothesline Cleaners knocked at her door. He said he was there to hang the draperies that she had recently had cleaned and picked up. He went about hanging her custom … READ MORE

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