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A Suit Can Make A Difference

When it comes to job interviews, part of the battle is figuring out what to wear — that can be a big problem for many who don’t own a suit or any professional clothes. Clothesline Cleaners aims to change that with its annual suit drive, which started this week. Not even the most ardent believers [...]

Homecoming Dress Trends For 2015

How to pick the perfect dress for you In today’s fashion trends there are a lot of options to choose from when you want the perfect dress for homecoming. Unlike the past when girls had far fewer options, there are so many choices today that it can become confusing. Much of your decision depends on [...]

Should You Pre-Treat Dry Clean Clothes?

After years of marketing (thank you laundry commercials), we’re hard wired to pre-treat clothing stains before washing. However, when it comes to dry cleaning, leave the pre-treatment to the professionals. Quite simply, your dry cleaner would prefer that you not use any stain removers on your clothing before you drop them off. The same guidelines [...]

Couture Dry Cleaning: What’s the Difference, Why it Matters

Corture Dry Cleaning

  In its very definition, couture implies “made to order.” Thus, couture dry cleaners are committed to providing the highest quality care and finishing of garments – regardless of how detailed or fragile. As couture clothing became fashionable again in the early 2000’s, dry cleaners sought out techniques and training to properly care for the [...]