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Alter Your Clothes to Match the New, Fit You

Your appearance can say a lot about how you feel about yourself. Celebrate you – particularly your new slim self, thanks to a month of fitness resolutions – with properly fitting and maintained clothing. Weight loss is regularly the top ranked resolution year after year (38% of Americans resolved to lose weight in 2014). If [...]

Well-Fitting Clothes May Boost Weight Loss

According to the 2012 study Enclothed Cognition published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, what we wear impacts what we think of ourselves and how we are perceived by others. As you lose weight, pay attention to the fit of your clothes. It could motivate you to continue striving toward your weight loss goals. [...]

Losing Weight? Find a Great Alterations Professional.

Measuring and cutting textile or fine cloth. Work table of a tai

As you lose pounds and get closer to your goal weight, your clothes will fit looser. An alterations professional can keep you from looking sloppy without the high price tags of shopping for each new clothing size. Clothes simply look better when they fit properly. Weight Watchers advocates clothing alterations as a cost-effective option until [...]

Simplify Your Dry Cleaning with an ECO Bag

Eco bag

Don’t fumble with a loose pile of clothing at your dry cleaners, or deal with what to do with those large plastic bags that come with dry cleaned clothes ever again. Simplify your dry cleaning process (and help save the planet) with one easy tool: the ECO Bag. ECO bags offer so much more than [...]