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Beware of metal fiber garments!

One of the advantages about being a member of the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute is they send out regular bulletins about garments and fabrics known to cause problems.  The latest is a pair of women’s’ gold colored pants made with metallic fibers available from, according to a recent notice from the International Textile Analysis […]

As summer approaches, look out for sweat stains

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent story on perspiration stains. No, not a very pleasant topic, but consider what it will do to your professional appearance to show up at a meeting, interview or evaluation with them. As a professional dry cleaner, we are able to deal with perspiration stains, which are actually from […]

Looking back on 31 years in the industry

Thirty-one years ago today I started working in the dry cleaning industry at Chief Latah Cleaners. The first day I showed up on the job, two of the women working in the place were on break, smoking cigarettes at a table in the middle of the cleaning room – freshly cleaned garments hanging up all […]

Care for those sweaters!

Sweaters need special care to preserve their natural appearance and shape. With fall coming up, many of us will be breaking out our favorite sweaters, so it’s important to keep some rules in mind. Knitted fabrics, whether natural or man-made, are very sensitive and prone to distortion, shrinkage, stretching and pilling. The cost of most […]