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Removing Common Stains From Your Formal Dress

Be Prepared For Any Stain Emergency On The Day Of The Dance With These Great Tricks! As much as you may try to avoid it, with all the activities surrounding the typical high school dance it’s pretty easy to end up with a spot or a stain. This may be through no fault of your […]

Cleaning Stains From Your Uggs

Wearing Ugg-style boots in certain areas – especially during winter and spring, when they’re most comfy – can leave them dirty and even stained by whatever your feet encounter. Since these boots are often a significant investment, it’s important to keep them in the best shape possible. We wanted to help out by providing you […]

Should You Pre-Treat Dry Clean Clothes?

After years of marketing (thank you laundry commercials), we’re hard wired to pre-treat clothing stains before washing. However, when it comes to dry cleaning, leave the pre-treatment to the professionals. Quite simply, your dry cleaner would prefer that you not use any stain removers on your clothing before you drop them off. The same guidelines […]

Sweaters and Moths: What’s the Big Deal?

Why Cleaning Clothing Before Storage Is Crucial To Protecting Your Investment The “clothing moth,” or Tineola bisselliella, is what most people believe lurks in dark closets, eating their favorite sweaters. The fact is, clothing moths don’t even have mouths. So how do they create holes? The life of an adult clothing moth is pretty simple. […]