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Tips & Tools To Properly Care For A Men’s Suit

There’s nothing that screams success like a man in a well-fitting suit. But a nice suit can cost hundreds of dollars (if not more!), so it’s extremely important to invest yourself in properly wearing and caring for this unique part of your wardrobe. That care starts with some simple tools and tips that can save […]

5 Great Tips for Summer Sweater Storage

As you prepare for the warm weather ahead, it’s important to properly store and protect your winter items. To prevent future problems, here are 5 tips to help ensure that your sweaters are well protected for next fall: Ensure your sweaters are completely dry and there are no damp patches. Damp patches and wetness could […]

Sweaters and Moths: What’s the Big Deal?

Why Cleaning Clothing Before Storage Is Crucial To Protecting Your Investment The “clothing moth,” or Tineola bisselliella, is what most people believe lurks in dark closets, eating their favorite sweaters. The fact is, clothing moths don’t even have mouths. So how do they create holes? The life of an adult clothing moth is pretty simple. […]