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Solutions for Common Camping Stains

Camping season is finally here, which means lots of fun for the whole family and plenty of time spent in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, all the time outdoors tends to mean lots of stains and clean-up time – especially for the parents of little, curious explorers. With that in mind, we’ve set out to tackle […]

Cleaning Stains From Your Uggs

Wearing Ugg-style boots in certain areas – especially during winter and spring, when they’re most comfy – can leave them dirty and even stained by whatever your feet encounter. Since these boots are often a significant investment, it’s important to keep them in the best shape possible. We wanted to help out by providing you […]

7 Tricks to Ensure Your Handbags Will Last for Years

We’re often more willing to splurge on high quality, designer handbags and purses than on any other wardrobe component – justifying our purchase with statements like, “This will last me for years.” This can definitely be true, but only if you care for these items in the proper manner. Leather and fabric can wear; seams […]

How Dry Cleaners Can Make Your Leather and Suede Last Decades

Leather repair and alterations

As you bring your leather and suede garments out for the winter, examine them for wear and tear. Now is the time to repair, restore, and protect your leather and suede from rain and snow. Caring for investment pieces such as leather and suede is not well suited for the do-it-yourself types. Rather, places these […]