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Household Items: Refurbish, Clean, Repair

King sized bed in a hotel suite roomWhen it comes to cleaning household items, size matters. Items like comforters, bedspreads, and draperies require large equipment for proper care.

The professionals at Clothesline Cleaners us state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to ensure that down items are clean and feathers are returned to their natural loft. Sheet sets are sanitized and crisply pressed to perfection. Table linens are cleaned and pressed to a like-new condition. We can refurbish your pillows, service your rugs, and even take down and re-hang your draperies.


We Service:

  • Down Comforters
  • Bedspreads
  • Sheet Sets
  • Table Linens
  • Area Rugs
  • Draperies

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